Pricing intelligence: What is it and what are its benefits

Accurate, actionable pricing insights can help you boost your bottom line. You can quickly identify gaps and opportunities in today’s fast-paced e-commerce environment.

You can offer the most competitive pricing by adapting quickly to changes in demand and pricing from your competitors. You will receive accurate, exact product matching and close-to-real-time pricing updates.

Take advantage of pricing opportunities

Pricing that is just right will optimize your margins. Move away from speculation about price changes and instead base your decisions on data-driven recommendations.
Find the sweet spot to maximize your revenue and react with confidence to market changes.
Set alerts to stay on top of market movements and monitor price changes across key SKUs, categories, or brands.
Custom AI-powered platform ensures that our data is 100% accurate at all scales.

The most important thing is price perception

Your pricing strategy is key to making a good impression and driving sales.
How your customers perceive you is a key factor in staying competitive. This is largely determined by how much you are priced.
Prices can be different for different product categories, store levels and ZIP codes.
Increase sales by creating the price perception you desire.
Developers provide the custom tools you need to recognize and take action on pricing opportunities that could help strengthen your reputation.

Analyze historical trends in competitive pricing

You can gain an advantage by anticipating the next moves of your competitors with historical pricing data analytics.
You can outmaneuver your competition by staying up to date with their pricing strategies and predicting what they might do next.

Intelligent pricing offers many benefits

  • Flexibility – A la carte services to meet your specific needs
  • Accuracy – From price scraping and product matching, you can operate at scale with 95%+ accuracy
  • Simplicity – Easy data export and integration – Access data via the dashboard or seamless API integration
  • Global Product tracking in 25+ countries with currency normalization
  • Expertise – Customized reports and analysis by a dedicated team domain experts
  • Precision – Accounting for shipping costs