Replika AI Chat Bot Loses the Sex

According to reports, Replika, an AI companion, has removed the sexual option, leaving some users feeling lonely. Users on Reddit have voiced their frustration and started a petition to bring back the feature. While marketed as a friendship app, Replika’s romantic option aims to build better habits and reduce anxiety. The bot had provided comfort for some users who found solace in connecting with something beyond what is considered acceptable or the status quo in the real world.

The Replika AI chatbot was banned in Italy due to concerns about obtaining personal data, which users argue took away their one solace from the real world. Users suggest that instead of focusing on AI, we should look into the cause of why some people prefer AI over humans at this point in their lives.

The Future of intimate relationships in the Metaverse

The Replika AI companion’s removal of the sexual option and its potential ban in Italy raises questions about the future of intimate relationships in the Metaverse. As virtual reality and immersive technologies continue to advance, people may increasingly seek out virtual companionship and relationships. However, there will be ethical considerations to address, such as the potential for emotional exploitation and the privacy of personal data. The Replika case highlights the need for responsible development and regulation of AI companions and other technologies that may shape the future of relationships in the Metaverse.

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